Starting to write a script.

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Working on writing my first zombie film. Here’s the basics of the story I have worked out so far: Setting urban neighborhood, zombie infection is spreading. Characters a handful of employees and customers at a local camera store. What makes it interesting: shot entirely in first person by one of the survivors, who is actually a compulsive liar/ con artist …brilliant but mentally unstable, a serial killer in the middle of a sadists playground. Leave me a comment if that sounds interesting to you and I’ll try and start posting some pages for people to read as this develops! thanks!


What if zombies had their own Man Laws, like the Miller Lite guys? Bloody shocking but effective lesson about why the pizza delivery guys need to get it right with Zombie Bob, Bobby Martini, Chick Bernhard, Don Abbatiello, Taylor Miller and Jason Bartley.
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This is an independent short film written and directed by Erica Vernidis, spoofing 1950’s educational film reels and the Zombie film. Shot entirely on location in North Bergen, NJ in November 2006.
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Valentine’s Day 2009

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An enormous zombie outbreak on Valentine’s Day! The powers of love, kittens, and marshmallows ensue!
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2011 Year of the Zombie

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Uncategorized The drug companies created them, the government tried to hide them, the media denied their existence, but … this year there is no escaping them.
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Zombie Haiku

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Write your own haiku in the comments section!

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